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"The wordsmith is true to himself and to the people when his clarity causes disquiet." (more)
"Conflict work is the art of the impossible."

~writing and media appearances~

ongoing - Israel/Palestine commentary on Mondoweiss

11/11 - My Body, My Choice: Ban Non-Consensual Circumcision (Tikkun)

9/11 - video: Palestine's bid for U.N. Membership - The battle for public perception - guest commentary at 8:54 (Al Jazeera's Listening Post)

8/11 - On Israel, The New York Times is Perniciously Biased (Adbusters, also PDF)

7/11 - video: Gaza flotilla: A humanitarian mission or PR? - guest commentary at 8:55 (Al Jazeera's Listening Post)

5/11 - video: Nakba, rebels and reporters - guest commentary at 9:26 (Al Jazeera's Listening Post)

5/11 - 'Geronimo EKIA' - As Indian Wars Continue in Palestine (Mondoweiss)

11/10 - Just Who Is Misguided? Young Jews Tell Netanyahu: Israel Is Delegitimizing Itself (Haaretz, also Haaretz PDF, Haaretz Hebrew, Daily Kos)

11/10 - Why I Disrupted Netanyahu's Speech (Mondoweiss)

7/10 - Dialogue re: Kristof, non-violence, and stones (Mondoweiss)

7/10 - Nonviolence and the Struggle for Palestinian-Israeli Equality (with more on the Mavi Marmara) (Mondoweiss)

6/10 - Gaza Flotilla Lesson: Nonviolent Discipline is the Best Moral and Strategic Choice (Mondoweiss)

4/10 - Divest - for the Sake of Israelis and Palestinians (Haaretz)

4/10 - When will UC Stop Funding Gaza War Crimes? (Daily Kos, also: Tikkun Daily, Beyond Chron, Berkeley Daily Planet, Mondoweiss)

4/09 - Berkeley's Climate Action Plan to Fail (Brkeley Daily Planet)

2/09 - A Community-Owned Daily Planet (Berkeley Daily Planet)

1/09 - The Inauguration: Dr. King's Dream Come True? (Berkeley Daily Planet and crossposted to Daily Kos)

12/08 - The Historical Meaning of the Palestinian Flag (Daily Californian)

7/08 - Burned Out on Burning Man: Can the artistic free-for-all go green? (Sierra Club's Sierra magazine) (a rewritten version of this story)

11/07 - Berkeley Grandmothers Break Oak Grove Siege (Berkeley Daily Planet)

11/07 - Open Letter to Chancellor Birgeneau about the Oak Grove with E. Fazio, J. Karadi, C. Oatfield, and M. Sadlowski (Berkeley Daily Planet)

11/07 - Why My Arrest is Community Service: Protesting UC's Management of Nuclear Weapon Labs with Chelsea Collonge (Daily Californian)

10/07 - UC Must Divest from Israel's Apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (Daily Californian)

10/07 - How Green was the Green Man?: an Exploration of Burning Man's Efforts to Become Environmentally Friendly (also on Alternet)

10/07 - Oil's Well that Ends Well: A Crude Awakening for Western Civilization (a review of Burning Man 2007's central art installation)

09/07 - The Oak Grove is a Sacred Site and Must be Protected (Daily Californian)

Fall '07 - Who Speaks for the Trees? UC Berkeley's Oak Grove Treesit (PeacePower)

Fall '07 - The Legacy of Luna Book Review (PeacePower)

Fall '07 - Julia Butterfly Hill Interview at the Oak Grove (PeacePower)

05/07 - What Are the Prospects for Peace in the Middle East? (Berkeley Daily Planet)

03/07 - The Road to Nonviolent Coexistence in Palestine/Israel .pdf with Michael N. Nagler, Tal Palter-Palman - a chapter in a book from the Foundation for Coexistence (click here for a redacted version of this story from PeacePower)

02/07 - Israel's Colonization is the Primary Obstacle to Peace (Berkeley Daily Planet)

01/07 - Jimmy Carter: The Courage to Tell the Truth about Israel's Apartheid (Berkeley Daily Planet)

Spring '07 - Combatants for Peace: A New Path to Peace and Justice in Israel/Palestine (PeacePower)

Spring '07 - Valentine's Day Civil Disobedience: Exposing the Lie of Homophobia (PeacePower)

Summer '06 - Iraq: Yes to Nonviolence, Yes to Justice (with Chelsea Collonge) (PeacePower)

Summer '05 - The Pinch Heard Round the World: Gandhi's Salt Satyagraha 75 Years On (PeacePower)

Summer '05 - Parting Today's Red Sea: Integrative Power, Transformation, and Compassion in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict (PeacePower)

09/96 - A Conversation with Mr. Brett (The BR Page)


~compassionate mediation & nonviolent communication coaching~

I'm a certified community mediator, trained by SEEDS Community Resolution Center, and a member of Transcend International. I utilize nonviolent communication in my practice. I offer private mediation and communication coaching. Please contact me for rates and more information. References available.



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The Phoenix Project for UC Democracy

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The Phoenix Coalition to Free the University of California

Free Speech Free Trees Student Coalition

Peace and Conflict Studies Student Participation Council


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